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We did it! – Campaign Success: Eurostar reverse cycling policy!


Campaign Success: Eurostar reverse cycling policy!

On Friday, Eurostar announced that it would reverse the decision to make customers dismantle their cycles and pack them into boxes before travelling! 

The climb-down followed pressure from LCC and other cycling groups as well as Eurostar customers.


A breath of fresh air: Cycle with CleanSpace to avoid pollution hot spots

pic0610 - CleanSpace-Logo

CleanSpace is a UK initiative that allows cyclists to monitor air pollution levels and reward them for the miles they cycle. With air quality a key consideration for cyclists, we hoped you might be interested in downloading and using the app, as well as promoting it amongst your group.

CleanSpace Tag and app

We’ve recently worked with Ride Across Britain and the London Cycling Campaign to provide information about the pollution that cyclists are currently breathing, as well as rewarding them for the clean journeys they make on foot or by bike.

You can simply download the CleanSpace app, view an interactive map of air quality, and track your journeys so you know just how clean your rides are. Travelling in a manner that doesn’t cause pollution gets you ‘CleanMiles’ that you can redeem with reward partners like Halfords (for a free bike lock or water bottle) or 20% off at First Bike, to name a few.

We’re really keen to get more cyclists rewarded for travelling without causing pollution, as well as providing critical information on air pollution.  CleanSpace has already seen great interest from the likes of The Guardian and we would love to get you and your members involved as well.

3 cyclists wearing CS tshirts - Ride across britain