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Don’t drive? Can’t drive? Won’t drive? Want to drive less? Towards a new organisation for all those who travel without a car.

Don’t drive? Can’t drive? Won’t drive? Want to drive less?
Towards a new organisation for all those who travel without a car.

We don’t all drive cars. There are some 64.1 Million people in the UK. Less than half of them (31.9 Million) have a driving licence.  That means that over 32 Million people cannot drive. Many are too young – there are around 14 million children and young people, but there are 18 Million adults who simply don’t drive.

There are many reasons – the cost, they feel unsafe, they may have health issues that limit their ability to drive, or they simply choose not to drive. All these people need to use other modes of transport to access the places and services they use, but current transport policy and planning is massively focused on roads and car drivers.

We are therefore exploring the potential for an organisation to speak up for and support those who don’t drive.  I am writing to invite you to a discussion on the need for such an organisation, what it might do and how it would be run.

The workshop will take place on October 16th at the Corams Fields Centre near Holborn in London . It will run from 11am to 4pm and a light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

If this is of interest please read through the attached papers that contain more detail. Please fill in and return the attached form (which also offers options for involvement if you cannot attend the session). If you cannot attend but know someone who might like to take part please share this information with them.

‘We Don’t Drive’ workshop information

With best wishes
Chris Church
We Don’t Drive development coordinator

Boels-Dolmans & SiS Launch Cycling & Nutrition eBook


Women’s cycling team ‘Boels-Dolmans’ have given interviews, racing & recovery tips, and nutrition advice in this new SiS eBook. It includes a Guide to the Women’s Pro Peloton, and a beginner’s Sportive training plan.

The eBook can be downloaded for free from HERE (note that it requires an email address for the free download).

Havering Cyclists 2015 AGM Calling Notice – Monday 12 October

Havering Cyclists Annual General Meeting 2015

The 2015 AGM will be held at J.J.Moons, Hornchurch at 20:00 on Monday 12th October. REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED.

The Agenda for the AGM will be as follows:

  1. Adoption of the Havering Cyclists Constitution , attached. (Please let us have comments prior to the meeting as we would just like to vote on the adoption, if needed an updated version will be sent out prior to the AGM)
    Havering Cyclists Constitution 18 September 2015
  2. Election of Officers
    1. The New constitution calls for 4 mandatory Officers namely, Chair, Treasurer, Co-ordinator and Secretary, as defined in the constitution.
    2. Should there be more people wishing to join the management committee then other officers can be nominated and voted on, otherwise these will be undertaken as needed by members of the management committee or any co-opted members. These are :
      • Press Officer
      • Social Media Officer
      • Rides and Events Co-ordinator
      • Campaigns Co-ordinator
      • Cycling Infrastructure Advisor
      • Community Engagement Officer

LCC members can self-nominate themselves for any of the posts, or just to join the management committee to help in our work. Please let us know before the AGM if you wish to nominate yourself for the management committee or any of the posts, or nominations can be accepted at the AGM. Current nominations for the officers are

Chair Terry Hughes
Treasurer Bernie Curtis
Co-ordinator Ray Whitehouse
Secretary Jeff Stafford

  1. Closure of AGM
  2. Monthly Meeting opens.

Only LCC members can be part of the management committee but anyone is welcome to attend group meetings and contribute to our work and can be co-opted into the six non-mandatory roles if they wish.

Please RSVP to


Cycle Hire is here at RSPB Rainham – and its free for Havering residents for a limited period so try it out soon.


RSPB Rainham Marshes is just a stone’s throw from London, easily accessible by public transport, on foot and by bike. Located on ancient marshland nestled beside the river Thames, it really is a special place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Both on the reserve and along the riverside path, you will see a variety of interesting, sometimes rare, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians as well as bugs and beasties of all kinds. The area has a rich military and cultural history too.

Cycle Hire

Our wonderful cycle hire scheme will give you an opportunity to loop the perimeter of the reserve and explore the surrounding landscape, taking in views over the river Thames and down to London from the river wall. Rainham is ideally positioned for a cycle adventure, with easy access to Sustrans route 13 and further afield, exploring Beam Valley and The Gaynes Parkway.

Prices: £10 for adults and £5 for children. FREE for residents of Havering and Thurrock for limited time only. Hire price is per session. (Additional charges may apply in the case of events). For full terms and conditions see the document.

Read more at CYCLING AT RSPB RAINHAM MARSHES or download the following pdf leaflet.