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Havering Cyclists are calling on Havering Council to ensure that local election promises to deliver safe space for cycling are kept.


Havering Cyclists are calling on Havering Council to ensure that local election promises to deliver safe space for cycling are kept.

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has launched a petition asking council leaders from all London Boroughs to show support for space for cycling, and to ensure that Councillors keep the promises made to residents ahead of the local elections earlier this year.

In May 2014, ahead of the local elections, LCC’s Space for Cycling campaign saw Londoners send over 85,000 emails to candidates, calling for safe and inviting streets. These calls led to 862 councillors across London committing to make changes in their ward required to create safe space for cycling with 100% from ruling parties in 7 boroughs. In 14 boroughs, the majority of councillors committed to delivering space for cycling across all parties These changes range from creating protected space for cycling on main roads and reducing traffic speeds to creating safe cycle routes to local schools.

These much needed changes were identified by LCC’s network of Local Groups including Havering Cyclists. If implemented, they would help to make London’s streets safe and inviting for anyone, of any age or ability, to cycle.

Local cyclist Ray Whitehouse said:

Our cycling group runs a regular street stall in Romford to promote cycling and what people are telling us all the time is that they would like to cycle, but currently feel unable to, due to the lack of safe space for cycling on Havering’s roads. So we have a situation where Havering’s roads are often at a standstill with traffic because the infrastructure does not allow people to cycle if they would like to.”

London Cycling Campaigners in Havering are now urging people to sign the petition calling on Havering Council to prioritise space for cycling and ensure that Councillors keep the promises made to local residents ahead of the local elections in May this year. They hope to demonstrate that safe space for cycling is important to local people and must be prioritised immediately Signatures will be handed over to Council Leaders later in the new year.

Further Information:

Ahead of local elections in May 2014, LCC members and supporters sent over 80 000 emails to thousands of candidates, asking them to pledge their support for the Space for Cycling campaign, and specifically, commit to delivering one key cycling improvement in their area, as outlined in LCCs list of ‘ward asks’.

The full list of cycle improvements can be found here.

In October 2014 LCC contacted councillors for an update on progress towards delivering the cycling improvements they committed to. To date, only 179 councillors have responded. Of those responses:

  • 119 councillors are making ‘significant progress’;
  • 39 are making ‘some progress’;
  • 23 have made ‘no significant progress’ towards implementing the cycle improvement
  • 19 councillors say they expect the space for cycling improvement to be delivered in the next 12 months

Details of supportive councillors and progress made can be seen on LCCs Space for Cycling map

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