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London Cycling Campaign launch Policy Forum seminars

Launch Event – Monday 8th April, 6pm 

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the seminar series on Monday April 8th, at Westminster University. Andrew Gilligan, London’s Cycling Commissioner will be speaking on the next steps for cycling policy in London, while Danny Williams (Cyclists in the City blog, LCC City of London) will be introducing the event and chairing. This event is co-sponsored by the London Cycling Research Group and by Westminster University’s London Research Cluster. All campaigners, advocates, academics, students, policy-makers, practitioners etc. are very welcome to attend.

LCC Policy Forum seminars are open to all, but we expect the launch event to be popular, so please register now here if you want to attend. Please contact Rachel ( for more information.

Following a consultation, new guidance has been published to help local councils set more appropriate speed limits on local roads.

ROADS Safety 113025

New guidance to help local authorities across England set speed limits has been published by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

The updated guidance will help local councils implement more consistent speed limits on local roads and incorporates recent changes that create more flexibility for authorities to implement 20mph limits and zones.

Stephen Hammond said:

“We want to see safe roads which meet the needs of everyone, so it is vital that councils have clear and consistent guidance to help them set appropriate speed limits on their roads.

Local councils should set speed limits based on their local knowledge and on the views of the community. That is why we have launched an online toolkit alongside our new guidance to help councils make the best decisions for their local areas.”

Download the guidance by clicking on Speed limit appraisal tool user guidance

Sign the Petition – Mayor of London, Boris Johnson: Connect London – build the world’s biggest cycle network by 2020

Sustrans is urging Mayor Boris Johnson to build the world’s biggest cycle network by 2020 – 1000km of cycling routes connecting every borough across Greater London.

With over half a million journeys already made by bike in London each day, the network will capitalise on the cycling boom and create a lasting Olympic legacy.

The London Cycle Network will:

– Make London one of the most liveable cities in the world
– Improve the health of every Londoner, saving the NHS millions
– Dramatically reduce London’s air and noise pollution

Your support will make all the difference. Act now. Sign the petition at

More details about our Connect London campaign can be found at

A Sunny Days Ride around Rainham Marshes

A Sunny Days Ride around Rainham Marshes

A Sunny Days Ride around Rainham Marshes

A group of 7 Riders and 2 ride leaders had a very pleasant ride round Rainham Marshes on the Skyride “The Essex Way”.

Although cold it was very sunny, started off from Rainham Station at around 10:15, a leisurely ride to RSPB Rainham Cafe for Tea and Cake, followed by the return trip.

A good time was had by all.

Poynton Shared Space for all at a busy Junction

Poynton Council have transformed their village centre by changing a busy, multi-lane traffic light controlled junction into a single lane shared space junction. See the video at

Traffic accidents have been eliminated and the heart of the village has returned.

Can you think of anywhere in Havering that could benefit from this – Hornchurch, Upminster ??

Sky Ride is coming to Havering

Good news for all cyclists in Havering. Havering Council have partnered with British Cycling and Sky to bring Sky Ride Local to Havering in 2013.

There are already 2 rides local to Havering being run over the next 2 months.

The Essex ramble, a strong plus, on road rides through the local countryside starting at Seven Kings Park.

The Essex way, an easy, off-road ride suitable for all ages and abilities starting at Rainham Station. (There’s one this weekend Sunday 17 Feb)

You can register for these and any of the new rides when available at

What will the partnership deliver?

  • Cycling routes designed, risk assessed and validated (mix of levels/lengths to be agreed)
  • 10 Ride Leaders trained, employed, equipped, insured and supported, 3 of which would be Route Planners
  • 10 -15 Sky Ride Local led rides delivered (maximum 30 people per ride). Circa 300 Ride opportunities created by 10 rides
  • Ride programme, centrally administered (including staffing, bookings, reminder emails, texts and incentives), monitored and evaluated including final report
  • 200 – 350 Ride opportunities created through Breeze and Social Cycling Group rides
  • The programme encourages cyclists of all ages and abilities to take to the bike, not just committed cyclists.
  • Hundreds of ride opportunities are made available to Havering residents, at no charge to them.

Transport for London support LCCs HGV Campaign

This week London Cycling Campaign, Transport for London and select safety experts met to deliver freight safety recommendations to London boroughs.

The conference, arranged and hosted by TfL, was attended by twenty five London boroughs. It delivered details of how to upgrade councils’ lorry operation and procurement procedures to reduce the risk of fatalities involving heavy goods vehicles and to make London a safer city for cyclists.

TfL meets LCC’s Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling conditions for all its lorry services. All London councils must do the same and sign LCC’s Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling campaign pledge, bringing them in line with TfL. Thanks to your help Waltham Forest and Islington have already done so.

Ben Plowden, Director of Planning, TfL Surface Transport said “Tackling the issues that dangerous lorries can cause to vulnerable road users is a core priority for TfL and London Cycling Campaign’s Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling campaign will help further drive this approach across the industry. If all London councils were to sign up to strict safety standards for their vehicles, together we can all help to create safer streets for vulnerable road users.”

Petition ebay to make frame numbers mandatory on listings

Good idea to make it harder for stolen bikes to be sold online:

Please join this campaign:

Frame numbers are found on every bike and can be used by owners or
police to identify stolen bikes. Forcing sellers to list frame numbers
on online ads will make it harder for thieves to shift our stolen goods.